PHOTOGRAPHY | Nadine Fopma
    EDITING & STYLING | Levi Nguyen
    "Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand "
    IN THIS PICTURE yellow bow blouse Silk by Nancy
    IN THIS PICTURE Pajama Blouse Black Tulip Silk by Nancy
    IN THIS PICTURE Pajama Blouse White Lily Tulip Silk by Nancy

      JUNE 15, 2017 | MILAN, ITALY

      Hello beautiful people, what's good? We got back from an amazing Milan trip not too long ago; temperatures above 30 celsius degrees, lots of delicious Italian gelato and pasta that made me say mamma mia! (Let's leave out the fact that we had to queue for more than two hours to enter the Duomo, ahum..)

      So as for the today's post, let me introduce you to a brand new label on the market called Silk By Nancy; experts in beautiful silk garments - from daywear to nightwear - handmade in India, where all the women employed at the studio work under a fair trade policy. Their brand stands for strong and feminine women, and where else would be more perfect than an elegant city as Milan to work on this digitorial!

      As silk it a breathable fibre, it prevented me from melting under the Italian sun - good thing to know! My favorite piece of the collection is definitely the yellow bow blouse - a statement piece that caught the attention of many people crossing me. What is your most favorite look?

      Happy Thursday!


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    8 Responses to A SILK STORY | MILAN

    1. This outfit with a white blouse is fabulous! http://izikova.blogspot.com

    2. You looks so stunning! Love all your outfit! Such a cool brand too!


    3. love all the looks! simple and chic!


    4. love it ♥


    5. YOU LOOK GORG! <33

      Love, Tschok


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