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    Chicwish houndstooth coat (similar here) | Mango waistcoat (same here) - destroyed jeans (similar here) | Kling hat (similar & similar)

    Happy Saturday everyone! Just simple and casual for todays look; I'm actually not really a hat person since it somehow always happen to fly off my head and I end up running ridiculously after it.. But sometimes you've got to give things another try again and I actually love it now! Plus it also protects your make-up when mister sky decides to pour down some heavenly water drops. A girls new best friend?

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    Mango woolen coat (similar here) | Zara scarf | Nike free runs (same here) | Larsson & Jennings watch (same here)

    The flu has been hitting our town again the past couple of weeks and of course they had to pick me as one of their happy victims.. Will the odds be ever in my favor? Excuse me for that, I've been such a Hunger Games maniac lately. As you can figure out by now, I've spent my last few days or sleeping, or potato couching with a hot cup of a not so delicious traditional asian tea. And when the time comes to catch a little bit of fresh air outside, we wrap ourselves in huge scarves and woolen coats. Those thermo fleece tights are totally kick-ass too by the way. Stay warm and don't get sick guys! :)

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    Marks&Spencer maxi coat (similar here) | Zara skirt (similar here) - pullover | Mango bag | Larsson & Jennings watch (same here)

    My favorite daily outerwear at the moment; the maxi camel coat. I've been wearing it a lot since the Marks & Spencer campaign as it's such a versatile garment, whether I'm wearing my heels or my Nikes, it seems to fit with anything!

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    Mango waistcoat (similar here) - shorts (similar here) - boots (same here) - pinstripe blouse (same here) | Larsson & Jennings watch (same here)

    Do you also have a whole bunch of clothes that you just can not wear because it's simply too cold outside? In my case I have too much to count, like this pinstripe blouse I've worn once before to a party and that's it.. Such a waste right? I still really like the blouse so why not find a way to wear it in cold circumstances? The solution: l-a-y-e-r; since everything seems to look great with a turtleneck why not also try it this? How do you think it looks with my new waistcoat? :) Yay or nay?

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    Front Row Shop biker jacket (same here) | Zara - skirt (similar) | Mango - ripped jeans (similar) | Larsson & Jennings watch (same here)

    Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a blast celebrating NYE! 2013 has been such a great year for me, I met a lot of amazing people, been to beautiful places and got to do a lot of things I've always wanted to do. I've said it before but I have to say it again; I'm so grateful for all you amazing readers because without you I wouldn't be where I am right know. I hope you guys will stick around for a very long time :) May 2014 be another wonderful year full of new experiences for all of us. Cheers!

    .. I almost forgot about the outfit, oh boy! Well it's just a random outfit we shot a few days ago. I've been seeing this 'skirt over jeans' look all over the web and I really wanted to try it myself! Though my boyfriend thinks it sucks I must admit that I like it, pretty much! Should you wear something like this?

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