"Classic Case" - The editorial that I was so excited about.. and now I can finally show you guys the results of this project!

    SEPTEMBER 8, 2014

    In collaboration with Reebonz, I created this editorial for their first edition of Front Row Fashion, what is an online shopping campaign highlighting the worlds biggest fashion capitals; New York, London, Milan and Paris! During each fashion week, they will focus on brands and designers of each city. You can find more exciting articles on their blog and with a discount that can get to 50%, I would say 'shop till you drop'!

    I've never been to New York before, so for now Paris is definitely my favourite fashion capital. Not only I love the fashion atmosphere, but also the French culture and the city itself; there's something beautiful around every corner of the street, and it sure is the city that triggers the feeling of love! So for this editorial, I searched for some pretty Paris-like corners in my own city and shot three different looks with a bag of my favourite Paris-based designer brand Saint Laurent.

    The one thing that is very important for me when I purchase a designer bag is its versatileness. You should be able to wear in different occasions and get the most out of it. And that's exactly what I love about this Saint Laurent Université; wear the bag in front of you for a comfy day look, on your shoulder when you go to office or hold it as a clutch when going out for a dinner with your friends. Like they say "Buy less, choose well", with a timeless design and big enough to carry your essentials, a bag like this makes the perfect investment.

    (P.S, Front Row Fashion is holding an Instagram contest with a Salvatore Ferragamo bag as the grand prize! All you have to do is create an image (outfit, flat lay) that represents one of the four fashion capitals. Simply upload the picture on Instagram and tag @ReebonzSG and #PutItTogetherRBZ + #(YourFashionCapital) (more info), goodluck!)

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    26 Responses to CLASSIC CASE

    1. Amazing look! I love the coat:)
      Have a nice week dear,

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    2. Great editorial, love it!
      XOX, Gap.

    3. oooh this bag !


    4. Great classic bag. Timeless and beautiful.


    5. super look ;-))


      new post

    6. This is such a lovely outfit. I love that bag, it really does look so versatile. I feel like it would look great for more formal occasions and with casual jeans! Great choice!

      Joanne | www.fashion-oh.blogspot.com

    7. beautiful!


    8. amazing bag, love it!!
      New look on my blog!!

    9. I definitely love that bag ♥

    10. Beautiful pictures, miss The Hague so much! Great bag and you're stunning! x


    11. the bag is all..

    12. OMG, I love every single outfit and especially the 'office' look. Gorgeous!


    13. Love that chic casual look of yours!


    14. Love your look with the white skirt :)

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