Marrakech day 2 + some tips on how to mix patterns & prints the casual way!

              | June 3, 2015

    So this is the look that I wore on our second day in Marrakech. We did a lot of walking that day exploring the Medina so I wanted to wear something comfortable but also light and airy since it was pretty warm, especially during the afternoon!

    I did a lot of research before we went to Marrakech and I came across all these stories about people getting lost in the endless maze of Medina. Yeah right, I thought. How can you possibly get lost when we have Google maps on our smartphone nowadays? Guess what guys, the girl with the big mouth got lost on her second day in Marrakech. Luckily I was with my boyfriend who easily shaked off all the fake guides who were approaching us! We did found our way in the end, it only took an hour more or so, haha! We did had a lot of fun though! Guess that is also part of the Marrakech experience (:

    You rarely see me wearing patterns and prints (stripes are an exception) because it's never been my thing, but when I went out shopping for clothes to wear in Marrakech I thought it was time to try something new! Somehow, when I think of mixing patterns together I think of these bold, over the top, extravagant outfits, but it doesn't have to be. Mix it the right way and you can create a beautiful casual looking outfit, which is perfect for the summer! So here we go, some tips from yours truly..

    The thing about black and white is that it just simply goes with everything. They look good together, but you can also mix it with another color without looking over the top.

    2. YING YANG
    If you're wearing two pieces with patterns you want both of them to stand out. Two dark patterns probably won't compliment each other and one of them will fall to the background. Contrast is very important here, try to combine something light with a darker garment.

    Don't overdo your accessories. It's about looking casual with prints, you don't want to end up like a chameleon. Don't wear your studded shoes or green mirrored sunglasses but keep the rest of your outfit simple by adding some classic pieces such as black pumps/or flats and a little black bag.

    Want to play it extra safe? People are somehow more used to seeing a darker bottom-wear - do I even say this correctly?! Wear something dark at the bottom and you can go as crazy as you can with the top. For example, this skirt that I'm wearing with a light green palm tree top, could look pretty cool huh? Now imagine a palm tree skirt..

    I hope they're helpful! Don't forget to have fun with the mix and matching and most importantly just wear what makes you feel good. Happy Wednesday!

    Get the look:

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    16 Responses to MIXING PRINTS, HOW TO?

    1. Love your outfit, great way to mix prints.
      || D I A N A ||

    2. I personally don't like to mix patterns much, just because I like minimalism and less patterns in general. But I do like the way some girls do it. You are not an exception! Thank you for your tips, they are quite useful:)
      Wish you a wonderful day ahead!

    3. lovely skirt!
      new look on my blog!

    4. beautiful skirt :*


    5. In love with the shoes!! Great tips btw!

    6. Such great tips! I love mixing prints as well but tend to always stick to black and white. I will need to move out of my comfort zone haha

      x Jess | It's That Time For

    7. Good thing you were able to figure out getting lost. Love the advice and you mixed prints like a pro here!


    8. Love the mix of patterns, really nice♥ http://cosmicconfession.blogspot.de/

    9. Great styling by keeping the prints in black and white. Joua to the Rescue

    10. I love print mixing and I love those flats on you!! So cute.

      xx freshfizzle

    11. wow! so beautiful!