Camel galore on casual Thursdays.

              March 31, 2016 | Photos by Nadine Fopma

    Officially it's already Spring, but temperature wise it doesn't comes any close to a decent 'thin jacket wearable' Celsius degrees.. As you can see, I'm still walking around wearing 3 layers and a huge camel maxi.. bathrobe (ahum) as how a friend of mine names it. For a bloggers sake, this is called fashion my friend! Or did I really mistook my mums bathrobe for a fancy vintage coat?

    Anyways, it keeps me warm and that's all that matters. Please do excuse my half-exposed leg game as I couldn't resist to try on my new Wolford Pure 10 tights. We have to start somewhere with transitioning into bare legs, right ladies?!

    .. And now onto something complete different; I tried a new way of making my posts shoppable and as you see, you can now actually click on the + icons pictured in the collage beneath which will direct you to the webshop. Would you prefer this or the old fashioned 'Get The Look' bar at the end of every blogpost? Or maybe both? I personally like the collage more as it has an editorial-feel and you can get as creative as you want with it. I'm very curious about your opinions, is this something you would like to see more often? Please let me know what you think in the comment section!

    Get the look:

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    7 Responses to THE ROBE COAT

    1. I absolutely love the coat, it looks really chic!


    2. Love this look, especially paired with that classic Celine belt bag. And I love the collage, it really does look more editorial.


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    3. Gorgeous


    4. In love with your bag :*


    5. Nice Robe coat it looks so smooth and wonderful thanks for sharing this content keep sharing content like this..