May 26, 2016 | PARIS, FRANCE

      Quality basic pieces are fundamental to a great wardrobe. They're like bricks to build a house, and the decoration stands for seasonal trends that changes from time to time. - Did someone actually quoted that or did I just made that up lol? - I've always believed in quality over quantity, especially when in comes timeless pieces that you'll wear over and over again.

      We are all familiar with some standard items that every wardrobe should contain; white shirt, skinny jeans, black pantalon, and so on.. But there are so many 'new generation' basics to add to your closet nowadays! I can't imagine mine without a floaty pleated skirt or a sleeveless coat (I believe I even have more hanging than a simple black tee) anymore.

      ZELLE STUDIO is a new contemporary and feminine womenswear label based in London with a refreshing take on wardrobe essentials. They produce their garments in limited quantities as they believe that

      "fashion is a strong personal statement that empowers us"

      and "a Zelle woman is someone that buys pieces of fashion to reflect her personality and lifestyle".

      Good thing, because let's be honest girls, who likes to show up at work discovering you colleague is wearing exactly the same coat you just bought. #bummermuch?

      Happy Thursday!

    Shop the looks!

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    17 Responses to ZELLE ESSENTIALS

    1. Your styles so chic! I love the smartness of this outfit but it's still fun and casual <3

      Jenny | Krystel Couture

    2. This is so beautiful!


    3. so nice look ; -))

      i invite to me too


    4. I always love your outfits because they are immaculate. You always know how to reinvent basics. ^^

    5. These shots are so good. Magazine quality. And you look adorable in those glasses that I'm pretty sure no one else could pull off!

      xx freshfizzle

      1. Ah thanks you so much for the kind words Tania! xxx

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    7. Love your style, girl!


    8. You seriously have one of my favorite blogs. The layout, the photographs, everything looks just like an editorial. I love it.


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