AUGUST 24, 2017 | AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands

      Wakey wakey! - The past few weeks I've written about the skincare products I use and today I'm showing you my usual day to night routine with L'Oréal Paris! Which products do I use on daily base? I have been extremely busy the past few weeks and that's the more reason to stick to a good skincare routine. Sometimes I even forget to drink enough water throughout the day and my skin gets dehydrated very easily, but with the right products you won't see a thing!

    Work, work, work! I work from home so sometimes it gets very tempting to just stay in my PJ's all the time, but usually I get dressed immediately after breakfast and start working afterwards. I basically have a desk job, so it's important to get moving every now and then. Usually I take a short break in the afternoon and head out to get some lunch!

    Selfie time! Having a detox / multimasking -girls night in with my friends and we're catching up on the latest episode of Suits (yes I know, we are kind of grandmas and we prefer the couch instead of the dancefloor). I introduced them to the L'Oréal Paris Clay masks and they love it!

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    1. Ahh I've seen the L'oreal clay mask all over instagram. Really curious about this will try it out soon! Really love your photos :)
      xx, Kathy

    2. I've heard so many great things about the clay masks!
      Great pics too. :)

    3. Such a simple skincare routine!! Also really loving the PJs!! Great post and thanks for sharing babe x

      Millie x

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