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    Mango ripped jeans (same here) - plaid shirt (similar) - bag | Zara top | Larsson & Jennings watch (same here)

    Everyone around me is preparing for NYE but I honestly didn't even have the chance to figure out where to celebrate and more important; what in to world to wear? Does too many thing to do and too less time sounds familiar to you? Well I find myself right in the middle of that problem right now. There are so many things going on lately and I've accidentally let time slip through my hands, oops. And of course, with busy times you need to choose for some easy dressing, right? I was wearing this the other day when we found a little bit time to shoot. Layers and layers, what else should you do during this season of the year?

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    Mango pinstripe pullover (same here) - boots (same here) | Antik Batik leather jacket (similar) | Zara scarf (similar)

    Yesterdays look when we were out testing our new camera! I'm wearing a comfy look for an afternoon city stroll, it was pretty cold and windy so I wrapped myself up in my favorite scarf this season I got from the Zara a while ago. Keeping it short today because I have a lot of things to do! Merry Christmas! :)

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    Mango houndstooth blazer (same here) - tartan skirt (similar) | Zara lace satin dress (similar) | Senso boots (same here)

    I've shown you a few weeks ago how to wear the lace slip dress a casual way and this is how I would wear it for a girls night out! The dress only is still waaaaay too sexy lexy for me and especially with bare legs! My mum would probably yell at me (the asian way) and never talk to me again afterwards. Just kidding. I think...

    Anyway, the actual story behind this look was that I was searching for a black top the other day and I couldn't find anything what I really liked with the skirt. So I decided to tuck the dress in in to wear it as a top, when the accidentally the lace bottom fringe peeked out.. What I thought looked pretty awesome! Blazer on and I was ready to go. How would you wear the dress?

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    Remember when MANGO invited me to join some DIY craziness back in October? Jeez, it already seems so long ago! I know this photodiary has been delayed a little bit (ahum...), so I thought why not do it properly on a Throw Back Thursday? - I met up in sunny Barcelona with three other bloggers (Yara,Christina & Carrie) the four lovely contest winners and of course the DIY queen herself Shini Park. It was my first time traveling to Spain so that made it even extra exciting for me at the time! Three days filled with awesome workshops, excellent food and amazing people, I had so much fun! :) Thanks again for taking so good care of us Mango team!

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    Marks & Spencer blue pullover (similar) & (similar) - turtleneck (same here) - calfskin wedges (same here) - skirt (similar) | Larsson & Jennings watch (same here)

    Third and final look for the Marks & Spencer x Fashiolista Christmas campaign! It's all about comfort today. Lately I find myself mixing my turtlenecks with all kinds of different pieces, from cami's to knits! Remember this post? I think just looks pretty awesome, you can basically throw anything over it, and it's sure is pretty warm too! Why haven't I thought about this the past couple of winters? Make sure this is on your 'fashionable winter survivals' list, I'm definitely getting some more colors!

    Head over the the special event page on Fashiolista to see how Anouska and I styled our favorite M&S items and find some great Christmas gifts ideas we've picked for you!

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    Marks & Spencer maxi camel coat (same here) & (similar) - lace dress worn as skirt (same here) - pointed heels (same here) - pullover (similar) | Larsson & Jennings watch (same here)

    Today I'm wearing a full look of M&S, from top to toe! I mentioned it before somewhere last year, the camel coat is a timeless piece that come back every year and here it is again! I've never tried on a maxi coat before because I thought it wouldn't fit me because I'm quite a petite girl, but I really like it! It's very chic and warm and the same time :) I styled it with a lace dress worn as a skirt and a monochrome pullover. I think it would've look great with overknees too!

    Want to see more looks? Check out the special Christmas Campaign page for more looks and special gift ideas on Fashiolista!

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