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    A photo review about the Praktik Bakery in Barcelona, plus some tips on what to do and where to eat!

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    New look, current state of mind and a sweet escape to the Mediterranean sea.

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    OCTOBER 5, 2014

    Not an outfit post.. Sorry to have fooled you guys again. You've probably noticed that there has been a lack of posting on the blog and social media.. As much as I don't want anything to interfere with my blog, some things just happen where I can not walk away from. Of course, bad things happen to everyone, and I respect those who can continue giving 100 % to their business; but I'm not one of those unfortunately. Does anyone remember this post from nearly two years ago?

    My mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Again. Breast cancer to be exactly. Although the doctors don't know how much it has disseminated yet, they told us there's probably a good treatment for it. Still, I'm worried sick. My mom is not the healthiest, never have been, as she's coping with several chronic diseases and then there's also what happend two years ago.

    Let's say it's been a hell of a sh*tty week over here and I basically needed some time to get myself together. We are thrown in this crazy emotional rollercoaster again for the next few months. I'll try my best to keep things around here going the way they were.


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