"With good basics, you'll have endless options"

    October 30, 2016 | HONG KONG

    The key to a perfect travelling wardrobe is versatility, off course. You will need items that you can dress up and down and colors that are easily matching. Because let's just be honest with eachother everyone;

    "One does not simply pack for a holiday"

    Especially when we are talking about a 5-week trip through Asia *reviving horrible flashbacks of the packing dillemma*...

    It's a good thing that's where Zelle Studio comes in; here you can find anything you need for a good (holiday)-wardrobe foundation. We found ourselves amidst the hustle and bustle of beautiful Hong Kong and the minimalistic looks were just perfect against the chaotic backgrounds!

    Can we go back already?

    TOP Zelle Studio 'Candie' Shirt Dress (tucked in) - Zelle Studio 'Charlottina' Culottes - Topshop Loafers - Charles & Keith Bag - Cluse Watch

    IN THIS PHOTO Zelle Studio Metallic Bomber Jacket - Zelle Studio 'Sofia' Pleated Dress - H&M Cap - Camelia Roma Backpack

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    11 Responses to A HONG KONG MINUTE

    1. Beautiful pictures!!


    2. Wow! You're packing is incredible - so versatile and all the pieces are amazing! I need to learn from this because I have a long trip coming up and I am so nervous about over packing!


    3. Ahhh what an amazing trip you had! I've been following your Asian holiday on instgram and I absolutely loved all the pictures! I don't know how you manage to dress stylishly in all your trips and be able to walk miles all day long, especially in those beautiful oxblood pumps.

    4. so pretty ;-))


      i invite to me too


    5. These looks are everything!!! I want to look this cool while traveling. Love this post <3


    6. such a chic traveler! can't wait to visit HK again this winter <3


    7. wow! so incredible


    8. Hi, I would like to know how u edit ur pics. I love every single pic you've posted on Instagram ! Please reply meeeee :)

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