October 27, 2016 | TAIPEI, TAIWAN

    "Dear human body, can you please evolve so that you automatically adjust to time-zone switches? - Sincerely, all travelling folks on planet Earth"

    Perhaps 1000 generations later, but for now you'll have to do it with these 5 tips from yours truly. I remember when I visited Asia last April I was literally on stand-by for 3 whole days. THREE DAYS, that was almost half of my Shanghai trip and such a waste. It was my first time in a long time leaving home for a far destination and with zero preparation, I had no idea what was coming for me. Piece of cake, in my face. Ofcourse I didn't made the same mistake twice so for my most recent #LeviGoesAsia tour with Cathay Pacific I was jetlagging,
    like a pro.

    PILLOW MIST - A sleep enhancer from Banyan Tree Gallery that helps you attain a sweet slumber!
    EYE MASK - To block unwanted light reaching your eyes to obtain a restful and relaxing sleep
    BED TIME STORY - A winding-down ritual like reading that helps your mind separate your sleep time with the daily stresses. Better sleep guaranteed!
    BOOK WISELY - You probably tend to book your flight so that you arrive at your destination in the morning or early afternoon; that way you won't 'waste' a day, right? But think again! You'll probably be so tired after a long journey that you have little energy left to spend on a full day of activities. It's more efficient to arrive in the late afternoon or evening so you can grab a quick bite and go straight to bed. The after dinner dip will help too. Period.

    BED TIME - If your daily schedule allows it to, then try to move your bed time one or half an hour a day 1 week prior your flight to help your body prepare for the earlier or later wake up time. This definitely worked for me!

    SWITCH TIME-ZONE - Change your clock to your local time at destination after boarding and try to adjust your activities like eating and sleeping to it. For example: if it's 4 p.m at your destination, it's probably not the best time to go to sleep.

    STAY AWAKE - At your destination, the best advice is to just get out of bed early and stay awake during daytime. A jetlag hates fresh air, daylight and exercise or other activities that keep you moving, so try to avoid a lazy afternoon at the beach on your first day. Your body may beg for sleep but stay firm! The first day is always the hardest, you can go to bed at a decent time and you'll find yourself awaken very early the next morning!

    DRINKING GAME - It seems that water is somehow the solution to many problems, jetlags included. Being hydrated will expedite your recovery, so remember to keep drinking before/ during/ and after your flight. They say that it's best to avoid any in-flight alcohol because it gets you dehydrated but I honestly think a wine or two will do just fine, just keep the tons of water coming afterwards. Seriously guys - don't stop with the water.

    In collaboration with Cathay Pacific

    Photography | Levi Nguyen
    Styling | Levi Nguyen

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