January 10, 2017 | BALI, INDONESIA

    One way ticket to anywhere warm please? As I'm writing this I'm sipping on my hot chocolate and sporting my woolen pants and oversized grandma jumper. Fall, I embrace you. Not. As many of you might know I just came back from an amazing Asia trip with Cathay Pacific and our first destination was Bali! Unfortunately we didn't had much time to explore more places on this beautiful island so we spend our few days in Uluwatu and the surrounding area. This article will guide you through my personal recommendations and general tips about this amazing destination!


    Upon arrival at the BoHo Bali we we warmly welcomed by Francisco, the host of this recently opened boutique B&B. What I love about bed and breakfasts is that it always instantly feels like a home away from home! The rooms of this bohemian style property are beautifully decorated and spacious, but the feature what we loved the most was the large wooden dining table where everyone gathers for breakfast in the morning and you can have a little chat with your fellow Bali-visitors!


    Jl Pantai Bingin Labuhan Sait
    Desa Pecatu, 80361 Uluwatu

      Just right next to BoHo Bali we find Sal (not so anymore) secret spot. Wait, did we just teleported to Santorini?

      This white haven in Bingin is apparently the hotspot for youngsters and rightful so! It may not look like much on the outside, but once you entered the property I guarantee your jaw will drop; it's just like you've entered a whole new world. We loved the unique design of the salted pool, featuring round beds on the lower part which happens to be very Instagram worthy as well. In case you want to skip beach day, the pool can get quite busy in the afternoon so make sure you get out a bit early to claim a sun bed.

      P.S, don't forget to try their homemade fruit pancakes with Nutella at breakfast!


    Jalan Pantai Bingin
    Gang Mertasari, 80364 Uluwatu


      Labuan Sait Rd. Br. Dinas Labuan Sait
      Pecatu, Kuta Selatan, 80361 Uluwatu

      Situated on a cliff overlooking the mesmerising Indian Ocean, you'll find the most enriching sustainable boutique resort; Suarga Padang Padang. I believe from all of the places that I've ever visited, this one has the most unique and intriguing background story of them all. This amazing property that features 48 rooms and 3 panoramic pools is build upon three pillars of sustainability; environmental, social and economical. The resort is created using regenerated materials collected from various places in Indonesia - from the handmade roofs to the sinks in the bathrooms - an impressive process that took near a decade to finish before their recent opening in 2015.

      We had the opportunity to stay at one of their suites overlooking a scenic view (pictured above!), on one side a part of the resort and the other side the great ocean. Waking up with the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves was truly an unique experience on its own. What's definitely worth to mention - and what we've also never seen before - is that all the suites are equipped with an air-conditioned bed system; this advanced piece of technology ensures that you'll wake up comfortable without dry skin and a sore throat. Can we even ask fore more?

      TO EAT?

      1. NALU BOWLS - I could eat this for every day for the rest of my life. Or as a after workout meal. Seriously. On recommendation of a friend of mine, we decided to give this place a try during our day exploring Uluwatu beach.. Now I wish we didn't because I get major cravings only thinking about it. Best acai bowls I ever had! Their 'Mavericks' bowl is a must try and not at least, you can enjoy it while watching the surfers from afar. What an amazing view that was!

      3. LUCKY FISH - Alright, this one is a bit hard to reach as it's located literally at the seafront and requires quite a hike down (and up afterwards!) to Bingin beach. But boy, it was so worth it. You won't experience a more genuine island life dinner elsewhere. Promise. The tables are set on the beach and you can enjoy the most memorable sunset view while crawling your toes in the sand and filling your stomach with freshly caught fish.

      1. CASHEW TREE - This lively spot just 5 minutes walking from BoHo and Sal and it has a great selection of fresh and healthy 'warung' style good. We visited this place twice during our stay and happened to walk into live music performance on Thursday night!

      4. BUKIT CAFE - This place attracts a lot of young crowd and we absolutely love the atmosphere and interior here. Their menu has a lot of choices, from Balinese to more Western style food. Their portions are quite large so you can easily share different plates to try more!

      5. DUGONG RESTAURANT - This is Suarga Padang Padang's restaurant where you can enjoy an Indonesian plate at it's pure finest. Dine under a bamboo roof while overlooking a panoramic ocean view, your senses won't know what's coming for them.

      TO DO?

      UNWIND - Uluwatu has a lot of stunning beaches such as Bingin, Dreamland and Pandang Padang beach. Most of them do require hiking a few steps down to reach the beach, but it's a good exercise so let's say it's kind of a win-win situation. Relax by taking a dip in the ocean, sunbath, reading a book in company of a fresh coconut and just take a moment to appreciate the spectacular views.

      WATER SPORTS - No, your not going on a suicide mission catching that massive wave. Uluwatu is known as one of the top destinations in the world for surfers, but luckily there are also some baby waves to catch for rookies out there like uh, me. If you're less of a daredevil, then supping is also an option!

      ULUWATU TEMPLE - This ancient temple is a must see sightseeing spot and also known for the notorious monkeys that snatch everything from phones to sunglasses, so be careful with your belongings. Note that this place also has plenty of steps so be prepared!

      DAY TRIPS - If you have enough time then you consider planning a day trip to Ubud! We have seen the pictures and heard a lot of stories, but haven't been there ourselves unfortunately. Everyone said that we should have as it's definitely worth a visit, so that makes one extra reason to come back some time!


      GETTING AROUND - The easiest and cheapest way to get around in this area is by motorbike. I won't consider walking as it's quite far to get from A to B. Please beware that they drive on the left side of the road instead of the right side! If you're not used to this, just drive slowly on your own tempo and other traffickers will go around you and don't forget to always wear a helmet! This may sound scarier then it actually is, but if you avoid the main (and extremely!) busy roads you'll do just fine. If hiring a motorbike is not an option for you, then you should take a taxi instead. Make sure you know how much the trip will approximately costs, that way you know what price to aim for when negotiating with a driver.

      LIT UP! - Some roads in are poorly lit, so you bring a flashlight with you to avoid bumming against a cow or tree. No seriously I'm not joking. You can use the flashlight on your phone as well, don't forget to charge it or bring a power bank before you leave!

      MIDNIGHT CRAVINGS - You won't find any McDonalds or 7 Elevens here so if you're having your midnight cravings there is a great possibility that there won't be anything around where you can eat. If your accommodation doesn't offers a restaurant/bar, then grab some snacks and fruit to keep in your room.

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