March 27, 2017 | ANTWERP, BELGIUM

    & FRIES

    Antwerp is just around the corner from Amsterdam, so when we had this major craving for delicious Belgium waffles the other day, so we decided to go on a last minute city trip to visit our neighbours. Just kidding, we had some exciting projects to work on and Antwerp was just the perfect location for us to shoot. I hopped on the train with only one small suitcase (how in the world did that even fit), my Cluse 'Minuit' watch around my wrist (I always travel with a classy timepiece) and passport in my hands. Also, we did give in to our sweet tooth by devouring a waffle or two upon arrival. Oops, #SorryNotSorry


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    10 Responses to ANTWERP, BRB

    1. so nice look ; >>

      i invite to me too


    2. I just love your creativeness in posts! Hey, could you tell me what font you use for writing your posts? I have been trying to find a nice one for my blog and I can't!


    3. Welcome to my town! Since I try to eat healthy I miss waffels so much. The worst is when you walk trough the town and all the street is smelling on waffles :). I hope you enjoyed it!

    4. This rail station is one of the biggest and the most beautiful in the world. I am happy that you enjoyed Antwerp. I have visited it this winter with my handmadewritings team and we really enjoyed the city.

    5. Such a cute travel look and I love that watch!

      xx Kelly
      Sparkles and Shoes

    6. Love your blog!
      - An Trieu

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