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    Adidas Originals Stan Smiths sneakers (same here) | H&M trenchcoat (similar) | Zara trousers (similar) | Mango bag (similar)

    Sorry for the late posting! - It's such a busy week again and I finally could get on the streets yesterday to shoot my outfit. I do not shop very often at H&M but when I saw this trenchcoat when I passed their store last week, I new it's gonna be mine. A lightweight trenchcoat, definitely a must have item for upcoming spring season and also a perfect match with my recently purchased Stan Smith's. All about comfort and elegance :-)

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    Mango coat (similar) - destroyed jeans (similar) | Marks&Spencer pullover (similar) | Zara boots (similar) | Prada saffiano bag (same here)

    You might have noticed that this pastel blue is popping up everywhere nowadays! Blue has been my favorite color for such a long time now, though I don't like to wear colors in my outfits, I absolutely love this shade as it's very soft and not really 'color splashing' as cobalt of electric blue for example. You'll definitely see more of it on my blog! What about you? Happy weekend!

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    I came across this grid paper pattern a few days ago on the web and it reminded me a lot of a scrapbook I used to have back in the days as a little girl. I collected all kinds of cute stuff and whatever had the color pink! Nowadays I'd rather collect things in black and clothes instead of puppy images (I love puppies though). - Anyway! It brought me to the idea to show you guys a monthly scrapbook of fashionable cravings, enjoy! :-)

    1. Mango leather jacket - Because we can never have one too much
    2. MCQ by Alexander Mcqueen printed knitwear
    3. Rachel Zoe crossover ring - Those tiny details
    4. The Kate Moss Book - Happy birthday Kate!
    5. J Brand skinny jeans - That ripped knee
    6. Topshop flare skirt
    7. Prada saffiano promenade mini bag - the smaller the cuter
    8. Nicholas heeled sandals - Is it summer yet?

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    Zara cropped pullover (similar) | Marks&Spencer maxi camel coat (similar) | Mango boots (similar) - jeans (similar) |
    Prada saffiano bag (same here)

    My boyfriend got a new shirt for his work the other day and I was joking that it would fit me too.. And not long after that I was wearing this on our trip to Antwerp! It may be a little bit too wide (I love oversized though) so I wore it with a cropped knit over it. Large boyfriends shirts (literally boyfriend's shirt this time) paired with skinny jeans are totally my kind of thing, it has this casual/minimal coolness especially when work with black and gold accessories. Won't be the last time snuffing in his closet! :-)

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    Zara long waistcoat (similar & similar here) - leather pants (similar) - knit (similar) | MNOlogie clear clutch (similar here)

    Say hello to my first 'leather' pants! I've never bought one before, because I normally prefer real leather over PU, but those pants just have a crazy price tag which I simply can not afford.. I rather save my money for a oh-so-wanted designer bag :) So, this is another zara sale score what just cost me less dan 20 euros. It fits perfectly and also has a lot of small details like zippers and quilted patterns and guess what? It even feels like real leather when you wear it!

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    Zara knit pullover (similar & similar here) - lace dress (similar) | Senso boots (same here)

    Another new knit I scored during the Zara sale.. one too many? I don't think so! How can I not buy such a comfi pullover for just 10 euros? And since winter last forever here in Dutchland, we can never have enough, right? Wearing it over a lace dress for a casual look. Happy weekend everyone!

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    HOTEL V NESPLEIN, Nes 49, Amsterdam

    Some of you might remember this hotel I posted a picture of on instagram a couple of weeks ago. I stayed in this amazing four star boutique hotel, located in the middle of Amsterdam centre (a two minute walk from Dam square to be exactly!) during the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Unfortunately, I had to spend the first night sick in bed (yes, again) and went home the day after.. such a pity. I even tried to attend a show but we guess what? We missed it because we were stuck in the traffic, talking about bad luck Charlie...

    Anyway, back to the hotel I wantend to talk about! It's definitely one of Amsterdams finest spots I discovered recently. I was staring my eyes out when we entered the lobby because there was this giant and I mean GIANT sparkly chandelier hanging on the ceiling. Besides that wow-moment, everything in the hotel was decorated so nicely with warm colors that it almost felt like home. You know what I mean right? At least I could've enjoyed my room despite not feeling well, took a warm bath and went to bed as early as I could. The next morning another surprise was awaiting us at their restaurant the Lobby as they serve one of the best breakfast I've eaten lately. Not a buffet as you normally find in other hotels, but a รก la carte service with a lot of different choices! We had a very pleasant (short) stay and will definitely come back again some time, and if not to sleep, than definitely for the blueberry American pancakes with maple syrup :-)

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    Mango tweed coat (similar here) - ripped jeans (same here) | Zara turtleneck (same here) - lace cami

    I recently found this pretty place which reminded me a little bit of Paris and of course I had to shoot my outfit pictures here and well, I guess this is my new favorite location! These photos are from last week when the sun was shining and even the temperatures where nice as well that it almost felt like spring! I'm on my wayto Antwerp right now with le boyfriend, re-celebrating his birthday because I missed his birthday bash due to a oh-so lovely fever that made me spent an entire week in bed. I've travelled to Antwerp a few times by now, but there are always new places to discover. Any great dining tips are welcome, have a great Tuesday everyone! :)

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